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V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White) V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White) V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White) V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White) V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)

V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)

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  • Technology: Heat Exchanger Technology, Water Controlled Automatic Ignition
  • Safety Features: Adjustable Gas and Water Flow Control, Summer & Winter Modes, Anti-Frost Protection, Overheat Protection, Flameout Protection, Child Safety Lock, Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV), 20 Minute Cut-off Timer
  • FREE Accessories: Mounting Screws, Gas inlet faucet(with rubber washer), Rawl plugs, Expansion bolts, Hose clamp
  • Type: Gas Geyser
  • Water Flow Rate: 6 Litre per Minute
  • Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Suitability: Well Ventilated Indoor/Outdoor Areas
  • Gas Consumption: 0.89 kg/hr
  • WARRANTY: 2 Years on Product
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V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute

V-Guard Brio 6 Litre Gas Water Heater is the best way to conserve energy and enjoy hot water on demand. With its flow rate of 6 Litres per Minute, it provides instant heating through the automatic water-controlled ignition system. Brio lowers the utility costs while providing ample hot water for your family’s needs. The V-Guard Brio Gas Geyser has always been a trusted water heater in the industry. With its superior quality and features, V-Guard Brio is the best gas water heater for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

V-Guard Brio 6 Litre Gas Water Geyser is an extremely efficient and versatile water heater that is perfect for both low and high-pressure applications. It comes with a high-quality flue duct that ensures maximum exhaust efficiency, and the independent water and gas flow control allows for precise regulation of the heating process. The flame check window is a great feature that helps to ensure the safety of the unit, and the overall design makes it extremely easy to use. V-Guard Brio 6 Litre Gas Water Geyser is an excellent choice for any home or office.

V-Guard Gas Geysers are perfect for those who are looking for a hassle-free and convenient solution to their heating needs. The Summer/Winter Mode helps in regulating the temperature based on the seasonality and it has a high level of heat transfer efficiency because of its copper heat exchanger. It is loaded with safety features like 20-minute cut-off time, overheat and flame out protection, child safety lock, and pressure regulating valve to name a few. V-Guard Gas Geysers are the perfect solution for all your heating needs.



V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio) Features


V-Guard Gas Geysers are equipped with advanced nine-layered safety features that make them not just safe, but also extremely user-friendly.

The pressure release valve ensures safer operations at higher pressures, while the double thermostat keeps the temperature at a safe level. If the flame goes out, the flameout protection cuts off the gas supply immediately. And in case of a power failure, the geyser automatically shut offs the gas supply to prevent any toxic gas concentration. V-Guard Gas Geysers also have an anti-frost protection feature that prevents the formation of ice in cold weather conditions. Plus, it comes with a child safety lock that prevents accidental operation. And in case of overheating, the geyser will automatically shut off. So, V-Guard Gas Geysers are not just safe, but also extremely convenient to use.


V-Guard Gas Geyser is the perfect solution for all your heating needs. With its unique water-controlled ignition system, it instantly ignites the gas burner once the water supply starts, assuring you of a smooth and hassle-free experience. V-Guard Gas Geyser is also equipped with a safety valve that prevents overheating, making it the perfect choice for all your heating needs.


This gas geyser is equipped with a stainless steel burner that ensures safe and convenient ignition.


V-Guard Gas Geysers – the perfect solution for your low water pressure needs! Multi-storied buildings and apartments often have issues with low water pressure, which can make it difficult to use a traditional gas geyser. V-Guard has the perfect solution – our gas geysers are designed for use with ultra-low water pressure, making them ideal for high-rise buildings. So if you’re looking for a gas geyser that can cope with low water pressure, V-Guard is a perfect choice!


Copper is an excellent choice of material for constructing a heat exchanger. Its high thermal conductivity allows for efficient transfer of heat, and its high tensile strength and corrosion-resistant properties make it the preferred choice for many applications. V-Guard Gas Geysers are designed with a copper heat exchanger to provide maximum efficiency and durability. The V-Guard Gas Geyser features a unique V-shaped design that maximizes surface area contact between the copper coils and the water, resulting in faster heating and longer-lasting performance. In addition, the V-Guard Gas Geyser is equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent overheating and ensure safety.


V-Guard Gas Geyser provides an efficient exhaust mechanism, letting toxic gases safely out of your home. The Flue Duct is designed to keep warm air in while allowing dangerous gases to escape. V-Guard’s unique design keeps your family safe while also conserving energy. V-Guard Gas Geysers are the perfect way to keep your home warm and your family safe.


V-Guard Gas Geysers are designed for your comfort and convenience. With hassle-free water-controlled automatic ignition, a summer/winter selection knob to adjust the burners based on seasonality, independent temperature and water flow control knobs, and a flame check window to keep you informed about the flame condition, V-Guard Gas Geysers are the perfect choice for your home or office.

What’s in the box?

The V-Guard Brio Gas Geyser comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  1. a user manual/warranty card,
  2. mounting screws,
  3. gas inlet faucet (with rubber washer),
  4. rawl plugs,
  5. expansion bolts, and
  6. hose clamp.

Installation & Warranty

V-Guard 6-Litre Gas Geyser – If you’re looking for a gas geyser that comes with a warranty, then this is the one for you! The V-Guard 6-Litre Gas Geyser comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will last. Standard installation is available at Rs.350 + taxes, and it is a great way to get your V-Guard 6-Litre Gas Geyser up and running. Thanks for choosing V-Guard!

Specification: V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)

Power source

Corded Electric, LPG

Generic Name

Gas Water Heater

Country Origin



Brio 6 L

Product Dimensions

30 x 14 x 44 cm; 6.3 Kilograms



Item Weight

6 kg 300 g

Item Dimensions Lx Wx

30 x 14 x 44 Centimeters

Net Quantity

1.00 Unit

Included Components

1 Water Heater User ManualWarranty Card Mounting Screws Gas inlet faucetwith rubber washer Rawl plugs Expansion bolts Hose clamp


V-Guard, V-Guard V-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD. Regd. Office: 42962 Vennala High School Road Vennala Kochi – 682028 Ph: +91 484 433 5000 Fax: +91 484 300 5100 E-mail: mailvguard.in

Weight6.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 14 × 44 cm

4 reviews for V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)

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  1. AMB

    GoodRegarding Brio model:Brio gas geyser is not working as expected, it could be some technical design issue with the appliance. In a particular scenario, solinoid valve is not getting opened, hence causing no hot water from geyser. It’ a very common scenario:Once properly installed, it produces hot water instantly. Now,1) turn of the cylinder regulator2) open the hot water tap. As expected, no hot water from the tap. Turn off the hot water tap3) Turn on the cylinder regulator4) Open the hot water tap. Appliance is unable to open solinoid valve due to vaccum build in gas pipe.It’s taking 1 to 4 hours to release that vaccum, and need to open and close tap several times with 20 sec gap. I tried more than 20 times, but it did not work.Amazon support:Contacted Amazon customer support, and they guided me to select replace option and they said item will be delivered in 6 days. Returned the product and contacted customer support after 6 days. Now, Amazon team says item replacement will take more than 10 days.Replaced with new item:Took 9 days for replacement. It seems to be some issue with first item. It’s working without any flaw now, getting instant hot water.

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  2. Harinath

    Nice product: Excellent service Overall we are happy with Vguard.Here are a few things to note.They don’t have installation service. We got this product installed by a local plumber. We has to wait for 3 weeks since many plumbers weren’t confident of installing a gas geyser. We installed in our balcony and connected it to the earlier electric geyser’s inlet and outlet. Withvthis arrangement our bathroom looks the same as before and we are able to use the original shower and mixture. We also got an extra connection of hot water into the kitchen sink for washing vessels.This product worked well for little over a month. However later it the gas was not igniting reliably.When we complained to the service centre, they were quite responsive. One inside valve was cleaned and now it is fine again.

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  3. Rajesh

    Best Product from VguardBest one from Vguard, We bought for my friends and family. The most advantage was it will work even when power is not available. Unfortunately LPG prices soared. I couldn’t not say whether Electrical Geyser or LPG geyser is best.

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    Best Indian productI liked the company product along with the service they were providing. Support staff are very professional and resolving our queries in satisfying time and manner. Thank you 🙂

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    V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)
    V-Guard Gas Geyser (Brio), 6 Litre Water / Minute (White)


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