Postpartum Ayurvedic Recovery For New Mothers, MyyMaa Immunity Booster (2 packs)

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A surprise package

Found this product on Facebook. Really organic and pleasant taste, I thought it was bitter when I looked at it. but thankfully, this is pleasant tasting churna.
So many rare ayurvedic ingredients, thanks for the cod option to Delhi. It helped a lot. I will buy this for regular use for my family also.


✔ 100% Safe, Ayurvedic formula.

✔ Recover faster post-delivery and get back in shape.

✔ Centuries-old ayurvedic churna from North Karnataka.

✔ Boosts immunity which is critical after delivery.

✔ Export quality ayurvedic ingredients.

✔ COD Available

✔ FREE Shipping (India)


You just had a baby! Congratulations.

You’re probably exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering how on earth you’ll ever get through the day. And in the middle of all this, you have to take care of another human being requiring your undivided attention. But there are some things that can make your life easier and help you with your postpartum recovery faster than you think.

Remember that pregnancy is a temporary phase in a woman's life, and getting fit after you have the baby is where the real work begins! The days and weeks following your baby's birth can be incredibly taxing, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Pregnancy is a time of big changes in a woman's body, and recovering from those changes can be just as much of a challenge.

MyyMaa Postpartum Ayurvedic Immunity Booster helps to boost your immune system so you can recover faster after delivery. This ayurvedic supplement is made with powerful and rare ingredients like vidanga, pippali, ajwain, sonamukhi, jeshtamadh and vacha that have proven to help support healthy immune function in moms who just had babies.

The well being of new mothers is at the heart of the centuries-old practice of Ayurveda.

Postpartum care is tricky because it requires you to be self-centred, strong, and to take care of a brand new helpless being while undergoing an extensive transformative experience. It's intense and overwhelming. But it can be a gift if we treat ourselves the right way.

While you take time to rest and enjoy getting to know your bundle of joy, adding a postpartum Ayurvedic supplement to your daily regime will keep you in tip-top shape.

The human body is made up of three energies or doshas – 

  1. Vata - consists primarily of air (and space), 

  2. Pitta - consists of fire (and water), and 

  3. Kapha -  consists of water (and earth).

The process of childbirth creates an empty space within the womb, giving air the opportunity to occupy this space and causing an imbalance in the Vata energy. This results in anxiety, dryness, hypersensitivity, constipation, gas, fatigue, bloating, constipation and severely interrupted sleep.

MyyMaa Postpartum Ayurvedic Recovery (Immunity Booster) is designed to harmonize the new mother’s Vata along with scores of other health benefits.

Vata is responsible for a lot of metabolic functions and movement throughout the body, including expulsion.

We know how hard it can be to get back on track after having a baby, but we also know how important it is for both mom and baby to have a healthy immune system during those first few months together.

With MyyMaa Postpartum Ayurvedic Immunity Booster, you can take comfort knowing that your body is getting everything it needs after giving birth so that you can focus on what matters most – bonding with your new family member!

Don’t let feeling sick slow down your postpartum recovery process. Get back into fighting shape with our postpartum immunity booster today! We offer FREE shipping so it won't cost anything extra to order from us online right now!


COD is available!


✔ This postpartum ayurvedic churna can be used after all meals.

✔ Consume 1-2 scoops of churna after every meal

✔ You may consume 1-2 scoops after tea-coffee as well.

Ingredients and Benefits

Storage Instructions

1. To increase the shelf life of the postpartum churna, we recommend keeping it in a cool and dry place.

2. You can even store it in a refrigerator. However, not in the deep freezer.

3. Once opened, push the air out of the pouch before sealing it. This preserves the maximum potency of the churna.

4. Use the scoop provided with this pack to consume the ayurvedic churna.

5. Do not use hands directly as it reduces its life.

6. DO NOT consume if the pack is opened/damaged.

DumSquare's Assurance

These are a few ways of how DumSquare ensures the purity of this postpartum recovery supplement.

Responsible Sourcing: We work directly with farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. This is where we emphasise purity and quality.

Ingredient's Evaluation: To provide you with the most premium quality churna, we personally inspect and select the highest quality ingredients. No compromise on that, whatsoever.

No Chemicals: DumSquare is against the use of harmful chemicals in our products. This ayurvedic supplement is free from artificial colours, flavour enhancers and preservatives.

100% Safe & Credible: This postpartum ayurvedic powder is of high standard quality without excuses. DumSquare chooses whom to work with, partner with, to serve you in a way that makes a difference.

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