Kent Ultra Storage 8 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier

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Looking for an all-in-one water purifier? Kent's Ultra Storage 8 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier is perfect for you!

This stylish wall-mountable purifier uses multiple purification processes - UV+UF - to provide 100% pure drinking water, making it ideal for tap and municipal supply water.

With 8 litres of storage capacity, you'll never have to worry about running out of purified water again!

Makes water 100% Pure by Multiple Purification Process

Looking for a top-quality water purifier that can get the job done right? Kent Ultra Storage is your answer. It uses advanced UV+UF purification technology to rid your water of harmful bacteria, viruses, and cysts, making it safe for drinking.

Plus, its sleek and compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go use. So why wait? Order your Kent Ultra Storage 8 Ltr today!

High Power 11W UV Lamp

Looking for a safe and reliable way to purify your water? Kent Ultra Storage has you covered, with its powerful 11W UV lamp that inactivates all the harmful microorganisms.

Not to mention, it also comes with a UF filter that removes any residual chlorine or bad taste and odour from the water, making it perfect for drinking or cooking. So why wait? Order your Kent Ultra Storage 8 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier today!

High Storage and Purification Capacity

Kent Ultra Storage 8 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier is great for large households! Its high storage capacity means you'll never run out of purified water. And with a purification capacity of 60 L/hr, it can keep up with your family's needs in no time.

So if you're looking for a reliable water purifier, look no further than Kent Ultra Storage 8 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier!

Computer Controlled Operation

The KENT Ultra Storage is perfect for people who are looking for a top-quality water purifier. The computer-controlled operations make it easy to use, and the alarms let you know when it's time to replace the filter or UV lamp. This purifier is perfect for anyone who wants reliable performance and peace of mind.

ABS Food Grade Plastic

Made entirely from food-grade ABS plastic, it's tough and durable – perfect for keeping your purified water tasting great. The push-fit design means no leaks, so you can be sure your water is always safe to drink.

PAN India Service Network

KENT is committed to providing flawless after-sales services, which are backed by over 1.5 thousand service centres across India! These trained and dedicated professionals will provide prompt support for all your needs - no matter how big or small they may be.


  • Multiple purifications by UV+UF process happens first by UV followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes, Single Phase 140-250 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • 60 litres per hour purification capacity
  • 8 litres storage capacity
  • Pre Filter not included
  • Suitable for purification of tap water and municipal water supply
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty. Terms and Conditions apply

Package Dimensions: 19.9 x 17.0 x 12.2 inches

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: KA1352019017

Brand: KENT

Colour: white

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