KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier 8 L | 20 L/hr 11133

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Introducing the KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier, your solution to cleaner, healthier drinking water.

This top-of-the-line model features copper filtration, which helps retain essential minerals in your water while removing harmful impurities. Plus, it boasts an impressive 20 L/hr flow rate, making it one of the most efficient RO models available.

What's more, the KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier comes with a Zero Waste technology that eliminates any wastage of water during purification - making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.

It features multiple purification methods, including RO, UV, and UF, to remove even dissolved impurities like arsenic and rust. Plus, the copper component helps improve the taste of your water while also boosting your health. And if you want to adjust the TDS level of your purified water, the TDS control system makes it easy.

Stay healthy and hydrated all day long with KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier. This easy-to-use water filtration system not only removes harmful bacteria, pollutants, and chemicals from your drinking water but also features a UV LED Light that helps to keep purified water bacteria-free.

Plus, it's perfect for Indian homes and offices - ideal for the purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply.

So don't go another day without clean, refreshing drinking water - order your KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier today!


  • Multiple purifications by RO+UV+UF+Copper+ TDS Control removes even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides & fluorides, and kills bacteria and viruses to make water 100% pure and suitable for drinking with the goodness of Copper
  • The TDS control system allows adjustment of the TDS level of purified water which retains essential natural minerals in drinking water
  • UV LED Light in the storage tank keeps purified water bacteria-free and pure
  • Country of Origin - India
  • Zero Water Wastage Technology recirculates the rejected water to the overhead tank using its own pump and ensures that no drop of water is wasted during the purification process
  • Wall mountable design to be suited for domestic purpose
  • 8 litres storage capacity and 20 litres per hour purification capacity
  • Pre Filter not included
  • Suitable for purification of brackish, tap water & municipal water supply
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty + 3 years extended service free. Terms and Conditions apply

Details: EAN: 8906019943951

Package Dimensions: 23.3 x 17.6 x 11.4 inches

Brand: KENT

Model number: 11133

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